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7 Baby Products That Need to be on Your Baby Registry + free checklist!

As moms, we are naturally inclined to make things go as smooth as possible. We create structure and love in the most caring ways. We also balance other things for the family, like grocery shopping, laundry, finances, etc. With that being said, I think it's safe to assume that every mom can appreciate something that makes life a little easier, & an easy price. So I have put together this list of my 7 favorite baby products that won't cost an arm and a leg!

How to Get 1000+ Page Views in Your First 2 Weeks of Blogging

If youre a new blogger like me, then youre well aware of how overwhelming it can seem to start you own blog. It wasn't until I actually launched my blog that I realized: this isn't as hard as I thought! Yes hard work goes into building your blog, but getting started? It only seemed so daunting because I made it that way.

My blog is only 2 weeks old and I have over 1000 page views. I still haven't converted many of those "views" because I'm still tackling minor obstacles with getting my subscription set up the way I want. But still, for a new blogger to get that many views in 2 weeks?! To me, its a big deal and it keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward!
With this in mind, I've noticed in a lot of the Facebook groups I participate in, many new bloggers still don't know where to start when it comes to getting traffic to their site.

4 Ways Your Receipts Can Make You Money

make money using your receipts
Imagine a world where those simple, little papers known as 'receipts' could get you some cash back. It'd be awesome right? Welp..daydream no longer, my friend! The day has come where receipts are for more than just returning that shirt that didn't fit you right (shoulda' tried it on, girlfriend). Receipts can actually make you some money back & the best part is, its super. friggin'. easy! Its all done from your handy-dandy phone, through some handy-dandy apps. For my fellow stay-at-home moms out there, this is a great way to contribute to income or just to save some money for that new eyeshadow you want.

I've personally cashed out from each of these apps & I continue to use them today. When you take a look at each one you're going to wonder why you didn't get started sooner! Here we go:

4 Ways To Be A Mom & Yourself at the Same Time

When becoming a mom, it is too easy to lose yourself in being all that your baby needs. It’s something we learn quick & pretty much goes without saying: they. come. first. That’s fine and dandy, we expect that when going into parenthood, right? Well, this doesn’t mean you have to come in dead last either, mama. I am a firm believer in the theory that one must take care of themselves, in order to take care of others. As wives, mothers, and women in general, this is what we are made to do! We are the almighty nurturers and no one can do it quite like us. In order to fulfill and maintain that glorious role, we have got to be in the best shape possible mentally, emotionally and even physically!